Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who Needs Disneyland?!

So we were supposed to go to Disneyland last week, but things just didn't work out. We decided to have a fun weekend around here instead. (Our kids are so sheltered. They really don't even know what Disneyland is they didn't know what they were missing.)

We spent a little time earlier in the week touring local hotels. Then we let the kids vote on which one they liked the best. I must say, they chose well! (There was one hotel that had a view of the pool right as you walked in the main entrance. Not wanting to personally turn away business, I immediately vetoed that one. Notice there are no pictures of me in the pool! There is a reason for that!) Enjoy the pictures!

This kids loved playing on the balcony outside of our room! For a split second we really thought we were in California until reality set in and we had to come in out of the cold!

While the kids were waiting for their dinner at Applebees, we played a little "I Spy" with them. It kept their attention for a very long time!

Don't you just love taking pictures of yourself with your camera? I didn't want to be too vain, so I had the kids pose with me. Dallin will love the flared nostrils some day!

I look stoned, but I promise I'm only drinking chocolate milk!

I've got to teach this girl how to pucker up! Then again, there is really no hurry!

I LOVE this picture! They were so excited to go swimming!

Dallin is our little fish and recently learned how to swim! We are so proud of him!

Jared, on the otherhand, takes after me when I was his age and enjoys the pool from a distance!

Jenna loved being able to "swim" with this cute tube!

Nice back float there Dallin! Look at that form!!

We pretended that we were on a sunny California beach! Needless to say, we did not leave with tans! We have come to accept the fact that we will be pastey white for the rest of our lives!

After swimming, the kids watched a movie. Jared was very much at home as you can see!

Dallin, Brett and I watched Monk and Psych. If you've never seen those shows you are missing out!

I loved the fact that I didn't have to do any work. It was fun and relaxing! Can I go back every day?

After such an exciting evening they finally crashed! Ahh, the silence! (Is that bad of me to say?)

Aren't they so cute when they're sleeping? Well, they're always cute, but I just love it when they're asleep!

We had a great time and didn't even have to clean sand out from between our toes, peel because of sunburn or spend a ton of money! (Okay, so I'm just trying to be positive! Aren't you proud of me!)

Oh one more thing! Although Brett and I didn't want to swim Saturday morning, we let the kids splash around. When we walked into the pool area one of Brett's patients was there cleaning. She gave him and hug and told me that he always treats her so well and is the best dentist. About 15 minutes later she showed up with a paper for Brett to sign. She told us she wanted to thank Brett by giving us her "Friends and Family" 50% off discount. (Thanks Blanca!) Add that to the $20 gift card to Target that we received for staying there, and our room ended up being about $20! Can you say WAY CHEAPER THAN CALIFORNIA! (Tammy and Nat--I don't even want to hear about what we missed, okay?=) I'll live in total denial!)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sledding Fun!

Last night our friends invited us to go sledding. We went to a nearby school with a not-so-steep hill. Some of us had a blast. (I'll let you figure out who did and didn't have fun!) Brett was sick so he stayed home.

Dallin and Logan couldn't get enough sledding in and were so bummed when we had to leave!

Jared liked playing in the snow, but when I forced him to go down on the sled with me he went kicking and screaming the whole way! Later I asked him why he had been so upset by the whole thing and he told me, "When we hit the jump I almost went poops in my underwear!" Okay, that could've been a little traumatic!

Jenna HATED every second. I just didn't get it because she loves playing outside in the snow.

Dallin and I went down and few times and every single time I hit that darn jump! My back paid for it the next day, but it was worth it!