Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Jared!

I can't believe my little guy is 4 years old! Jared had a fun zoo party. His friends came over, ate hotdogs, played together and ate cake and icecream. The party went so fast that we didn't even have time to play the fun games we planned. Bummer, huh? (Dallin, Jared, Jenna and I played them later. Talk about ultimate fun! It's just not quite the same without more people!)

Man, I love this little guy! How can you not just adore that smile! After sticking all of those animals on the cake, I realized I should have sanitized them first. (Just kidding! They were clean!)
Jared got some fun gifts for his birthday. He received Tinker Toys, 2 Transformers, a Carrs carwash, a magic show box, a tennis racket and some other fun things. Dallin could not understand why he had to wait a whole week to open his!

We wanted to do something fun for Jared's birthday (Does he look like he's having the time of his life?), so we went to the airshow. When the boys heard the first loud jet fly by they started crying. (It was actually more like hysterical screaming!) So after sitting in traffic for an hour and a half to get there, we left after about a half hour. Man, I hate it when that happens! Sorry Jared! Happy birthday anyway!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


You know it's been a good week for Brett when he's convinced me to go camping! How can I turn him down when he, along with 3 kids, bat their eyes at me and beg?! "Please Mom, please can we go camping! We promise we'll be good!" And they were very good. It's just so fun to see how excited they get!

We arrived at our campsite pretty late (11:00 or so), but still had plenty of light to set up our tent. (I love not needing a flashlight here in the summer!) After awhile all of us fell asleep except Jenna. She was so wired, jumping from one sleeping bag to another saying, "Night night!" I don't even know when she finally crashed.

I think they're a little excited! What do you think? I didn't even have to ask them to smile for this picture!

Brett did a great job teaching the kids how to build a perfect fire. He is a true Eagle Scout!

The boys had fun crumpling up the newspaper for the fire.

Get some wood for that fire, Jenna! She just had to be one of the boys!

While Brett worked so hard making a nice fire to keep us warm, I went all out on breakfast! Pancakes are just too much clean up! Fruit Loops are the only way to go!

After a nutritious breakfast consisting of sugar, the kids loaded up on.... more sugar! Dallin just had to make a GBD marshmallow! (golden, brown delicious) He did a fantastic job!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fun With Grandma and Grandpa

We were so excited to have Grandma and Grandpa Lacey visit us. They missed their grandkids so much that they just had to come! (I think they may have missed me a little too!) As you will see from the pictures below, we had a great time!

The boys got some dinosaur cookie cutters at a garage sale and have been dying to use them. Their mean mom hadn't done it yet, so Grandma came to the rescue. (Hmmm, I'll have to hide those cutters until she comes again. I'm not a big fan of making sugar cookies!)

Yum! Dallin really enjoyed testing the finished product! Yikes! I think his lips are stuck together!

Great decorating skills, Jared! Is that a stegasaurus or a diplodocus in your hand?

Grandma and Grandpa even got to enjoy a couple of soccer games and a sunny day while they were here!

Dad is the best chef around. Look at those colorful veggies and our skinny Grandpa!

Jenna is giving Grandma a round of applause for playing her favorite Primary song, "Popcorn Popping."
Jenna warmed right up to Grandpa when he was here and loved to sit in his lap and look at pictures and video clips from his computer.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Soccer x2

Let the games begin! We officially started our first soccer season today. It's kind of a crack up with these younger kids. They all chase the ball at the same time and don't even care if they steal it from a teammate! Dallin and Jared both ran hard and chased the ball so much! They'll get the hang of it I'm sure.

I was laughing my head off watching Brett pace the sidelines. I could tell he just wanted to give pointers and it was killing him to watch these little guys run around like chickens with their heads cut off! We were so loud compared to the other parents who were there. Hopefully they won't think we're too obnoxious by the end of the season!

Strike a pose soccer boy! Dallin's looking forward to scoring lots of goals!

Jared was so fun to watch today. He ran around the field with a huge smile on his face the whole time. He really didn't even come near the ball, but he loved kicking the dirt and having fun with the kids on his team! Jared's favorite part of the game was the chocolate pudding after the game ended! He also loved his new uniform and even slept in it!
Run, Dallin, run! Look at that determination! (By the way, both boys get all of their athletic talent from their mother! Ha ha!)
Although Jenna is too young to play, she cheered from the sidelines! "Go Fireball Munchkins!"