Sunday, June 22, 2008


You know it's been a good week for Brett when he's convinced me to go camping! How can I turn him down when he, along with 3 kids, bat their eyes at me and beg?! "Please Mom, please can we go camping! We promise we'll be good!" And they were very good. It's just so fun to see how excited they get!

We arrived at our campsite pretty late (11:00 or so), but still had plenty of light to set up our tent. (I love not needing a flashlight here in the summer!) After awhile all of us fell asleep except Jenna. She was so wired, jumping from one sleeping bag to another saying, "Night night!" I don't even know when she finally crashed.

I think they're a little excited! What do you think? I didn't even have to ask them to smile for this picture!

Brett did a great job teaching the kids how to build a perfect fire. He is a true Eagle Scout!

The boys had fun crumpling up the newspaper for the fire.

Get some wood for that fire, Jenna! She just had to be one of the boys!

While Brett worked so hard making a nice fire to keep us warm, I went all out on breakfast! Pancakes are just too much clean up! Fruit Loops are the only way to go!

After a nutritious breakfast consisting of sugar, the kids loaded up on.... more sugar! Dallin just had to make a GBD marshmallow! (golden, brown delicious) He did a fantastic job!

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Cheryl said...

Fruit Loops camping??? Ha, ha! That's awesome!! I don't usually go for pancakes on the open flame, I agree that it is a lot of clean up!! We had breakfast burritos. Love cleaning that egg pan out in the wilds!!