Monday, June 2, 2008

Soccer x2

Let the games begin! We officially started our first soccer season today. It's kind of a crack up with these younger kids. They all chase the ball at the same time and don't even care if they steal it from a teammate! Dallin and Jared both ran hard and chased the ball so much! They'll get the hang of it I'm sure.

I was laughing my head off watching Brett pace the sidelines. I could tell he just wanted to give pointers and it was killing him to watch these little guys run around like chickens with their heads cut off! We were so loud compared to the other parents who were there. Hopefully they won't think we're too obnoxious by the end of the season!

Strike a pose soccer boy! Dallin's looking forward to scoring lots of goals!

Jared was so fun to watch today. He ran around the field with a huge smile on his face the whole time. He really didn't even come near the ball, but he loved kicking the dirt and having fun with the kids on his team! Jared's favorite part of the game was the chocolate pudding after the game ended! He also loved his new uniform and even slept in it!
Run, Dallin, run! Look at that determination! (By the way, both boys get all of their athletic talent from their mother! Ha ha!)
Although Jenna is too young to play, she cheered from the sidelines! "Go Fireball Munchkins!"


Tammy said...

I cannot believe how big Jenna is! She's so adorable! You lead a busy life, Kristy!

Cheryl said...

Good 'ole Cook Inlet soccer!! What fun!! I love going to watch the kids play soccer. One summer, Aaron and Hannah were both playing in the Cook Inlet league and Hilary was playing in the Gladys Wood school league. Now, that was tricky!!

The boys are having so much fun!! I love the little cheerleader, Jenna!!