Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Year Wiser?

Well another year has come and gone. More gray hairs, (I've even given up on pulling them out. I decided if I kept that up I'd be bald soon!) a few more wrinkles, (Botox, save me!) and one more year of surviving Alaska! (Sarah Palin gossip really helped this year fly by!) Okay seriously, this year was a great one! I am getting used to Alaska's darkness and long winters. Maybe my "happy lights" and vitamin B's did the trick! Thanks Costco!

As you will see below, I had a very fun birthday! I must say that if you haven't signed up for Facebook you must! I have never had so many "Happy Birthday" wishes in my life, well except for when I taught school. I heard from so many people that day.

So I started my day going to Jared's preschool with Brett and Jenna for Jared's special day! (Brett had the day off, which was wonderful! I think I will request that every year!) Anyway, about once every month and a half a parent goes in to help with a center at school and provide a snack for the children. Jared helped with calendar time and got to bring a special toy from home to share. It's so fun to spy on him and see how he interacts with other kids.

Later that day we invited our friends, the Geroux's, over to help us make pizza and party with us! Jared, Dallin and Jenna made the cutest cards for me and gave me some spatulas. I'll have to remember to use those when they misbehave!=) Brett's gift is coming later. Stay tuned!

Here's the pizza crew! Shouldn't I get some sort of commission from Pam, Prego, A&W and Dole for the advertising? We made a canadian bacon/pinapple pizza and a 1/2 cheese, 1/2 pepperoni one. They were so yummy!

They loved adding more and more cheese! Marci and Mikaela were very big helpers.

My favorite part of the day was when my friend surprised me with this beautiful cake. I LOVE lemon cake and this was so perfect! I think Brett was so relieved when my friend, Michelle, offered to make this. That let him off the hook. The whole day I kept thinking, "When is Brett going to make my cake? Has he forgotten about me? He's in big trouble if he forgets." (You know how those pretend conversations go that you have with your spouse? They start small and then escalate into this huge thing. Before you know it, you're mad at the person and they haven't done anything to deserve it? Am I the only one that does that?!) So, thanks Michelle! You are the best!
After the pizza party, we went to watch a local high school basketball game. One of the girls that I teach in church was playing so we wanted to go cheer her on! Jenna was quite the cheerleader as she yelled, "Go Cara go!"
All in all, turning 38 was a pretty painless experience! Thanks everyone for spoiling me!

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CrazyinIdaho said...

What an awesome birthday! I miss Alaska! We have to come and visit. I am typically a non commenter. Which is bad I know. But I just had to agree with you on the conversation with your spouse in your head thing! I am so glad to know that I am not alone in that. Happy Birthday!