Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter and Other Fun!

Happy Easter! We had a fun couple of days leading up to the big event! We started with the annual decoration of the eggs. Who started that stupid tradition anyway? They must not have been a control freak like me!

Okay, so notice my kids and the table wearing protective gear. (I was looking at my sister's blog and her daughter, who is younger than Jenna, was wearing a white shirt!) Hey, at least I didn't make Dallin wear an apron this year! Also notice the dye neatly placed on a pan so that if it spills the mess will be contained! (For those of you thinking I'm crazy, some dye did spill so the pan came in very handy!)

Dallin had fun making his eggs kiss! I laughed so hard when Jared dropped one of his and said, "Hey, we can call him Crackhead!"

Jared was very proud of his colorful eggs. (By the way, Crackhead is the one on the left.)

Nothing better than a finished product! What great sibling bonding!

The day before Easter the kids were invited to a birthday party at the Imaginarium. Dallin loved petting the reptiles, Jared wanted nothing to do with them and Jenna eventually touched the iguana and the snake.

Jenna also had fun with the trains, climbing the rock mountain and coming down on the slide.

I love this bubble thing. The kids pull it up and a bubble surrounds them.

Why pet a turtle when you can eat a delicious cupcake, right Jared?

Poor Jenna was a little sick that day. She looks like she's had a little too much sugar!

Jared was super fast at this bubble thing and completely surrounded himself! Look at his pants. He's completely covered in soap. I guess if I could choose one thing to have all over my kids it would be soap. That's so much better than other alternatives out there. Much better than the cow/mud pies I used to play with when I was a kid!
Once the birthday party was over, we raced to the church for a Primary activity. We dropped the boys off and Jenna and I went to the mall to buy some white shoes and sandals for her. We got back to the church a little early so Jenna could find some egss. As you can see, she was not thrilled about posing for a picture. She wanted to go home and take a nap!
Easter day finally came! The kids woke up a little too early and raided their baskets. We got them all sugared up, took a few pictures and went to church. After our meetings we invited some friends over for lunch. It's always nice to have people come to our home, especially people who bring good food to share!
Jared was very much enjoying his Storm Trooper that he received!

Jenna just wanted the candy! Toys are not necessary when there is candy to inhale!

Our movie-star-in-the-making, Dallin freaks out at the sight of Darth Vador without his mask on!

My little darlings all being bribed to smile! Just kidding, they're always this happy when I make them sit on a hard bench and pose! I sure love my kids! Happy Easter! (Sorry Brett, we didn't get any pictures of us this year!)

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