Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jenna's Big Girl Adventures

Okay, so I'm not trying to play favorites by focusing this entry solely on Jenna, but she has just been cracking us up. (I'm sure I'll spotlight Dallin and Jared later on. I would hate for them to feel cheated and have to go to therapy later on in life!)

Jenna discovered Mommy's makeup! She is especially fond of how the mascara just glides over her entire face and hands. She was very good to keep it on her body and off the furniture. Good girl! (She wasn't too thrilled with me taking this incriminating photo!)

Jenna is loving her potty chair! She pushes it around saying, "Poppy, poppy!" Every once in awhile I can get her to try and use it for its intended purpose, but no success yet. I'm quite relieved for now though, because sanitation will be an issue when she does really use it. At this point she thinks it's for stepping in, hiding toys, and her head fits just perfectly in the bowl! Disgusting!


Shannon said...

I can't believe how big she's getting!

Shannon said...

So I finally got the video to work. I can't believe you posted a video of her going "poopies" on the internet. She will love that someday :) ha ha!

Cheryl said...

Hey you guys!!

We got your Holiday letter today! I have been thinking about getting mine out sometime soon so I was totally entertained by getting yours today!! You are my heroes!!

The kids have grown so much, I hardly recognized Jenna! They are absolutely adorable!!

Keep in touch! Check out our blog if you get a free minute!

Lots of love!!


Brooke Jean said...

I got your family "Valentine Letter" today! Ironically enough I was also trying to find your blog today on the internet while I was at work (Grandma Gardiner had told me you had one but she couldn't remember the web address). Anyway, I'm very excited I finally did! I can't believe how big my cousins are getting ... Dallin will be taller than me in no time! ;) Hope all is well and thanks for the letter! It was perfect timing!

Chad said...

Hey guys! Thanks for looking at our blog and leaving such a nice message. It's definitley not as cute as yours, but Kim hasn't quite figured out this whole "blogging" thing out yet. I'm sure when she does, she will fix it. I'm glad to see you guys are doing well. Love you.

The Barlow Family

Cheryl said...

Thanks for checking out our blog. It is a fun way to stay in touch! Did you look at the older ones? I posted pictures of a quilt I made that I am pretty proud of. (In a really righteous way, of course!!)

Lots of love to you all!!