Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Only In Alaska!

The past two weekends Anchorage celebrated Fur Rendezvous. Sounds exotic doesn't it?! It's actually a time when all the trappers come together to trade furs, and lots of people gather to watch dog sled pulls (including the famous Iditarod), freeze to death, view the ice sculptures (Dallin enjoyed this ice slide), freeze to death, and ride carnival rides in the freezing cold darkness! Sounds fun huh?! Actually it was a ton of fun and a lot warmer than last year! We really do feel bad for all of you who only get to enjoy a fair type atmosphere during the summer months!

It's so crazy to watch everyone get all dressed up in their winter gear and freeze on the carnival rides! We even got to see fireworks in the dark! (During the summer you can never see them because it's light all the time.) This is just the most insane state I've ever lived in!
Enjoy this Running of the Reindeer video clip! I can't believe I wasn't there in person! Maybe next year!


Tammy said...

Man! That looks cold. You're insane!

Cheryl said...

Wow! Looks amazing! We miss Rondy!! You guys look like you are having an awesome time!! Oh, those were the days!!

WE are enjoying spring here and it is beautiful! Things are starting to grow!!

Our Easter hunt could be really, really awesome if we had any little ones to do it for!! Want to come down??

LOTS of love!