Monday, March 31, 2008

Marshmallow Mania!

Picture this....The Gardiner Gang has just wrapped up a nice Family Home Evening by playing the game "Don't Eat Pete!", (If you've never heard of that game and don't know how to play you must ask because kids love it! You'll notice the chocolate chips stuck in their teeth. We really do brush, I promise!) when Dr. Gardiner, the king of sugar, starts chucking marshmallows
everywhere! The boys run to their positions, behind the counter, and open wide! A few lucky ones end up in their mouths, while most others have to be chased down and picked up! My kids love this and it just cracks me up every time I see it happen.

The master thrower at work! My kids are so lucky to have such a fun dad!

Dallin and Jared look like they're experiencing lock jaw, but are actually preparing for the big catch!

Jenna is usually right there by the boys, but being trapped in her high chair didn't stop her from joining in. Dang my kids have big mouths! They must get that from their father! =)


Shannon said...

You guys are too funny! And your kids do have huge mouths! Just like their Aunt Shannon :) And look how bright it is outside! Yay for you having sunshine again!

Cheryl said...

My, what big mouths you have!! :p)

What adorable pictures!! You are so good to remember to get out the camera and snap these fun moments!! I usually think of it later!

I think your kids are lucky all around, fun dad and awesome mom!!

Thanks for sharing!!

Lots of love!

Halls Family said...

I also noticed the beautiful sunshine streaming through your window and was very happy for you. I am so sad, my kids are getting too old for "Don't Eat Pete". I tried to play it the other day with all of my kids and Mitch and Ryan passed. They just wanted to eat the candy. Emily and Steve wanted to play though, so I was happy that I still have some "young blood" around my house. If you have enough kids you can play those fun little games forever!! Don't Eat Pete is a lot warmer than baseball tryouts that I went to for 2 hours in the cold weather. Brrr. I get to look forward to cold baseball games for the next 15 years, more if Amie plays softball! How did mom make it to all of my freezing track meets in the snow??

Kristy said...

Yes, we've loved the early snow melt too. Just when we thought we were done it started snowing all day today! I'm actually handling it quite well.

Yes, Mom, you get the biggest award for freezing during our meets! We love you!

Tammy said...

They must take after their Aunt Tammy. Steve and I went to Tepanyaki last week where the Japanese chef prepares food at your table. At the end, he throws shrimp at you and you have to try to catch it in your mouth--I caught it!

My favorite picture is of Brett's face. What a great dad!