Sunday, April 13, 2008


HELP! My house is being taken over by dinosaurs of all types, colors and sizes! Save me! (I know this is a lovely picture of Dallin, but I just had to show all of you what I experience on a daily basis.) Most of you know that Dallin is a big lover of dinosaurs. He has quite the collection and I think owns every kind that Anchorage sells! He has quite the imagination and can impersonate a T-Rex better than anyone I know! He just cracks me up!
Of course his "real" dinosaurs just aren't enough so we trace, color and cut out more each day! But wait, the real fun comes when those same pens, pencils, markers and crayons used to create additional dinosaurs become dinosaurs themselves! He lines them up on counter tops, floors, tables, bathtubs....anywhere! I wanted to get Jared some Tinkertoys for his birthday but as you can imagine, I'm very, very afraid!

Oh no, not Jared too! Move over groceries, make room for the dinosaurs!

Even Superman is not powerful enough to stop them! (FYI, I did not set this picture up. This is what I found when I walked into our computer room!)


Paul said...

Wow, what an infestation! Looks like the trains and Star Wars stuff at our house. :-D

Maybe we should have your boys and our boys square off with their favorites. I'm sure we'd end up with T-Rex eating Percy who would get saved by Obi-Wan who would get clobbered by Stegosaurus who would "get gotten" (Aaron's term) by Darth Vader who would get run over by Thomas!

Taralou said...

What a great set of dinosaurs! I love it when kids use their imaginations to play!! Looks like he is having lots of fun!

Halls Family said...

I am so glad that you captured that phase of Dallin's life in your pictures. We have some pictures of our boys lining up their Matchbox cars or parking them in their "garage" better known as my one and only cabinet in my whole kitchen.
You are a better mother than I am to let your kids play dinosaurs all over the house like that. My kids know that little toys that are left lying around the house the garbage. David's theory on how many toys is based on this thought- the pioneers got so much done because they weren't picking up their kids toys all day. Plus the kids got more done too. The parents would tell them to pick up their toys and they would pick up their stick and rock and throw them outside. Hmmm...I guess that is why our kids don't have many toys.:)

Tammy said...

Just wait til Jenna discovers Polly Pockets! Then you'll be wishing you could pick up dinos instead of little doll pieces.

Where were all of those dinosaurs when Steven went through his dino phase?!? We had to go to a specialty science store (too much $$$) to get a simple dinosaur for his 4th birthday. They just didn't sell them 8 years ago.

I loved the Super Man scene. :)

Shannon said...

You and your kids are too funny. And the comments from my siblings are also hilarious. :) Paul, I like the idea of a face-off. Cherilyn, I love the pioneer kids will have no toys someday :)

Kristy said...

Hey, Tammy, Jenna will just have to play with dinosaurs! I'm not buying anymore toys! Hee! Hee! Paul, we're on! Cherilyn, I agree! Maybe I'll trade the toys in for sticks.....when the snow melts and we can find some!

Cheryl said...

I love the dinomania!! It's awesome!! Luke used to collect dinosaurs and horses. We had the biggest herd of horses in Alaska!! It just love to see kids playing with toys and being creative!

Ben used to line all of his toys up methodically. It used to fascinate me to watch him play. Now he is graduating BYU at 23 and headed to medical school.

Have fun with your kids!

Lots of love!!