Sunday, April 27, 2008

Go Away Winter!!!!

Our snow was almost gone....for the second time. Our weather lady said, "There will be one to two inches of snow on the upper hillside." Hmmm, I think she was a little off!!! (Can you just hear me screaming that, with heavy sarcasm!) Our one to two inches turned into 17 inches on Friday night! I was thrilled and spent most of the day Saturday down in my room so I wouldn't bite any heads off! (Brett just loves my weather moods!)

Jenna's little car is kind of trapped! A lot of it has melted today, so it gives me hope!

What a stud! I'm so glad Brett is around to calm our household when things like this happen! =) (This was Friday night and it snowed 6 more inches over night!)

Jared and Jenna had fun playing in the paths that Brett made with the snow blower. Dallin was inside with the stomach flu, missing out on all the fun.
The boys threw a lovely picnic together for us to enjoy. They invited their furry friends and had delicious food for us to enjoy. It was pretty cute, because they did the whole thing by themselves. Jenna was napping, which explains why everything stayed untouched and in order!


Brooke Jean said...

Your pictures remind me of a story we told during our primary lesson in church yesterday. "Sam was helping his dad gather wood but the snow was so deep that he had a hard time walking in it. So his dad told him to follow in the footsteps he'd already made. When Sam did he found it much easier to walk in the snow." ... Anyway, the picture that went along with the story didn't have snow nearly as deep. They should have done the photo shoot in Alaska!

Halls Family said...

I hope the snow melts VERY fast and you can enjoy a beautiful spring and summer! I love the picnic your boys set up for your family. Boys(in my family anyway) tend to know how to make a misserable situation fun! I'm glad you were able to make the best of it. Now on with spring already!

Taralou said...

I hope the snow goes away soon so you can enjoy a nice spring!! An indoor picnic is a great idea with a lot of snow. What fun!!

CrazyinIdaho said...

And I thought we were having a cold spring. I have to remind myself of spring in Alaska when I start complaining about the weather here. Cute indoor picnic though! I can't believe your little girl is 2 already. Time flys.