Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We had such a fun weekend! Before I begin, I just want to say that I hope all of you are enjoying your beautiful flowers and green grass! I have finally realized why you dye eggs. It's because of people like us who have to hide the eggs in the snow! But take notice, it was warm enough that the kids didn't wear their coats! Yeah! Saturday we took the kids to a local park for an egg hunt. When we got there they turned us away because there were so many people there already. Our boys were so upset, so we made the best of a bad situation, with the help of our always optimistic dad/husband. (The kids are so lucky to have the dad they do. I would've just told them to deal with it and that we could try again next year!) We decided to have our own Easter egg hunt in our yard! We ran to the store, bought more candy (along with everyone else in Anchorage), called some friends to join in the fun, and filled the eggs. The kids loved eating all of the candy, oh I mean filling all of the eggs. (I got confused between the two. I think they put one candy in each egg for every five they stuffed in their mouths!) Then Brett hid the eggs really well!

I just love this picture! Jared had tripped over something and his eggs spilled. He didn't even get upset. He just picked them up and went searching for more! He said the funniest thing later in the afternoon. "Mom, that was so fun! I didn't just find eggs! I found dog AND moose poop too!" Lovely! I bet all of you are jealous!

For those of you who know Dallin's personality, you can just picture how excited he was for this big event! He loves stuff like this! After the egg hunt, he organized a hunt to look for dinosaurs in the back of the yard.

Jenna loved finding the pink eggs, as you can see! She just wanted to sit right down in the snow and eat her candy. She loves her hat and boots and wears them around the house every day.

Okay, so I just had to get a picture of them in their cute springy Easter clothes. Miracle #1- all three are looking at the camera. Miracle #2- They don't have any chocolate on their clothes. Miracle #3- Jared is smiling! (Hmmm, maybe it was the Peeps-eating bribe that worked!)


Halls Family said...

Cute blog! I wish I could find some moose poop in my backyard! I'm glad you had a fun easter egg hunt. Your kids look adorable.

Brooke Jean said...

The moose poop comment is classic. You have very grateful kids! Happy Easter (a day late)!

Taralou said...

You have 3 ADORABLE kids!! It looks like you had a great Easter. I can't believe you still have snow!! I guess I shouldn't complain about a little wind then, huh?? LOL

It's great to see what your family is doing. My kids would love to play with yours!! :-)

Tammy said...

Tooo cute! What a great picture. I didn't even get my kids Easter outfits this year.

I, too, loved the moose poop comment--only in Alaska!

Cheryl said...

Oh, those were the days!! What a fun Easter day for you!! I love the egg hunts in the great outdoors of Alaska!! Since you guys wouldn't come down here, we didn't eve do one. Aaron came down from Spokane and I bought some candy and told him and Luke that we would hide it in the yard for them to find and they just laughed at me! Can you believe it??

I love the moose poop comment! That boy has a great mind!!

Lots of love!!

Hayley said...

Kristy this blog looks great! I can't get over how big and cute the kids are. Jenna is so pretty with her curly hair! Love the pictures of the easter egg hunt also. Made me laugh thinking about the kids looking for white eggs in the snow. ;)