Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Mom, You're the Best!"

Spring begins in less than a week and as you can see, our flowers are in full bloom and we're experiencing balmy weather here in Alaska. Oh how I wish that were the case! It was a relatively nice day today though, (about 30 degrees) so we decided to get out and walk to Dallin's school.

Isn't this kid so dang handsome?! I was so excited when I saw Dallin hop on the swing, pump his legs and swing without saying, "Mom, will you push me?" Man I love what school teaches our kids!

Pretty in pink... and hand-me-down blue gloves. (Can you believe I let her out of the house like that? I'm kidding!!!) Jenna loves this swing because she just gets to hang out and enjoy the ride!

What a smile! Jared found an "ice pizza" on the ground! So is it calorie free since you can see through it? Mmmm, mmmm good!

There were two older boys at the playground when we were there. They stomped on some ice until it broke and then began splashing around in the freezing water. Dallin was just dying to join the fun, but I think I have been successful (some would view it as unsuccessful =) ) at instilling fear in him when it comes to activities like this. (Hey, don't get me wrong, I love for my kids to have fun but I didn't want him to be freezing on the walk home.) For those of you who know me well, you would have been proud of me! I resisted my control-freakishness (Is that even a word?!) and said, "Go ahead Dallin. You can play in the water." His response, followed by a big hug, was so cute, "Mom, you're the best! Thanks!" He had a great time and within five minutes was soaked from stomping, splashing and rolling in the water. Afterall, that's what polar bears do!


Tammy said...

I'm so proud of you, Kristy! Way to let go--you need to give me lessons. Isn't it amazing the simple things that make our kids happy?!?

I can't believe your school still has swings. They've all been banned from the schools here and the one we went to in Utah. Our kids aren't even allowed to run on the playground at recess! Imagine that! (They can run on the soccer field--when it's not a muddy bog. . .)

Cheryl said...


Dallin looks so happy splashing around in the puddle!! You ARE the best, Mom!!

I hope that you had hot chocolate when you got home from your "spring" walk!!

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Lots of love to everyone!!

Paul said...

Waytogo Kristy! At least you have puddles in Alaska. :-) Jacob has to turn the hose on outside to get anything to splash in in Vegas.

Brooke Jean said...

You instantly became the worlds best mom with that statement!

Cristi said...

You should get into photography! The pics you take are awesome! Having cute kids helps a lot too :) I'll be sure to tell Steve hi for ya.