Friday, May 23, 2008

My Baby's Growing Up!

My baby has officially graduated from kindergarten! I can't believe it! Everyone always says to enjoy your kids while they're young because they grow up so fast!

Dallin had a wonderful year at school. He loved his teacher, Mrs. C, and really took off with reading and writing. Of course he especially loved the social aspect of school! He is so girl crazy already! We are soooo in trouble!

I am amazed by how much he learned this year. Brett and I are in shock because when we were kids, kindergarten was a time for learning ABC's, numbers and colors! Now they enter first grade already reading novels, publishing books and doing algebra! (Okay, a little exaggeration, but it's fairly close!)

Dallin loved his teacher......"with the long, blond hair"! He was so well-behaved that he didn't even have to pull a single card the whole school year!

Dallin's school put on a very fun field day for the kids. He was anxious to get the potato sack race started!
SWING batter, batter! I taught him everything he knows!

Dallin and his friend kicked everyones' cans in this race! They really worked together and were pretty fast!

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