Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fish On!

In Alaska when you have a fish on your line you yell, "Fish On!" to let everyone around you know to get out of your way so you can land your fish. Well let me just tell you that Brett and I had some massive fish on this weekend!

Brett's parents, brother and 7 other guys (Bart's brothers-in-law plus one of Brett's friends) came to town to fish and enjoy Alaska. We fished the Kenai from 6:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. and here are the facts.... (It's late, I'm tired so I'm trying to keep this short!)
**I out-fished my husband again! (3 for 3)
**I caught the biggest fish! (50 pounds)
**I'm really humble about it!

Actually, Brett and I were really glad that we both caught fish, but were bummed for everyone else. (Another guy caught a 30 pounder, but everyone else got skunked. Because it rained in the mountains three days earlier, the water was really murky so the fish couldn't see the bait. There weren't many fish being caught in other boats either.)

Okay, I love my triple chin here, but this fish was so heavy! I couldn't even lift it off the ground!

Out of the goodness of my heart I let everyone pose with my fish. (I am such a brat, aren't I?!) These are Brett's parents, Errol and LeiMomi Gardiner. We had a lot of fun with them in our boat.

My stud of a husband pulled in this 40 pounder. He is actually strong enough to lift his up!

Here's the gang! Although we only landed 3 fish for 12 people, (five other people had bites but were unsuccessful hooking and landing the fish.) everyone still had lots of fun!


Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

You go girl! That's amazing! I don't see why you couldn't hold it up...I certainly could hold up 50 pounds. HA!

Tammy said...

Way to go, Kristy! I love how you're holding hands in your big group shot--you're so cute! And in your group shot, you look GREAT!

The Duckworths said...

So much to say about so many posts! First of all you are looking great! Good job, keep it up! And is the grand gone? It looked like when your mom was playing the piano that it was in your family room.
4th of July in Alaska, yes I remember and sorry...I loved it here! Fireworks are the best!
The birthday Parties looked fabulous and I'm very impressed by the cakes. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you guys. It was fun also to see a picture of Sarah since I get those so often!
I miss the fishing trips, but most of all I miss knowing I have a stock of it in my freezer, even though I don't like fish! Your recipe has at least converted me to Halibut. MIss you!

Cheryl said...

I have to agree with Camille! Lots of posts to comment on! It is fun to see so many happenings at the Gardiner pad! Life is sure zipping along for you! The kids are getting so big!! It amazes me how quickly they grow!!

Congratulations on catching the big one! It is huge!! Way to go!! I skunked Scott when we went fishing. It is a first!! I am still rubbing it in!!

Lots of love to you all!!

Brooke Jean said...

That fish is probably as tall as me! I really need to come up and visit Alaska sometime ... someday.

Tammy said...

Your profile picture (of you, Kristy) is sooo cute! What a hotty!