Monday, July 21, 2008

SCORE Jared!!

I can't even tell you how excited I am today! Jared has been saying every day that he is going to score a goal on the last day of soccer and he did just that! The past few games have just been killing Brett and me because he has come so close to kicking that darn ball into the net. He had been the only one on his team that hadn't scored and had been feeling a little sad so I was just praying that it would happen.

The coach, Shannon, was cracking me up. Every pre-game drill was focused on getting the ball to Jared who then was supposed to kick it in the net. She told all of the kids to let Jared kick the ball a lot. (We felt bad because some of the kids took that literally and were scared to even touch the ball!) All of the parents were cheering him on and wanted him to play extra minutes. (They probably just wanted to silence the psycho soccer mom!)

The very last play of the game he booted it in! As you can see from the video, I was very excited! I captured the goal but then my memory card was full. So went crazy and then it ends. The cutest part took place after he made the goal. All of the kids ran over and hugged him and were jumping up and down. (I swear it was straight out of a movie!) As I was wiping tears away I looked over to see another mom and the coach crying too. It was just great to see how everyone helped my little boy achieve his goal!

The greatest part of all was that Grandma and Grandpa Gardiner were there to see both boys play! They both earned little trophies and got some cool visors to keep the rain, oh I mean sun, out of their eyes!

After the big game, the kids enjoyed pizza and yummy cupcakes. We really had fun this year and will miss going to soccer.


Paul & Amy Lacey said...


That was almost like Aaron his first year. He scored his team's first goal and then had a drought until the end of the very last game.

Way to go Jared!

Shannon said...

Yay Jared! Way to go buddy! :)

The Duckworth Family said...

I almost cried hearing the story! I sure miss being there and being part of all the fun events! Crazy you have had such a rainy summer. I don't think we have had rain once! Okay, maybe once for about 30 seconds. I dont' know what's worse, dryness ugly dryness and wild fires, or rain and lots of's a tuffy!

Tammy said...

Woo hoo! The same thing happened to Ben his first year, but his coach wasn't so understanding--neither were the other parents. That's so cool that it was a group effort to help him score! Ben just told me he wants to play soccer--AGAIN! When will it ever go away! (Maybe it's different in sunny places, but sitting in the rain for hours isn't exactly my idea of fun!)

Rick said...


After watching them play soccer in June..this was great. We saw Dallin score several times..and now Jared!

Great to see the support of the coach and parents..and his PSYCHO MOM!

Rick and Linda

Shannon said...

A month and a half later...this still makes me tear up. As his coach, this was a wonderful moment and I am so glad I could be a part of it and make it happen for such a great guy! Jared deserved all of our support and I am so pleased we have all raised such wonderful children and that they supported Jared wholeheartedly! Go fireball muchkins!! Love, coach Shannon!!