Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School!

Okay, I'm going to try to hold back my level of excitement with this post. Some moms really dread their kids going back to school because they miss them so much when they're gone. How do I say what I'm feeling without looking like a terrible mom? I AM SO ECSTATIC THAT I CAN BARELY CONTAIN MYSELF!!! Don't get me wrong! We had a very fun summer, but the arguing was getting pretty annoying and my house needs a major overhaul!

Jared is so excited for preschool this year! On his first day he took his three books that he knows how to read to share with his teacher. Look at that smile! Can life get any better than that?!

The day after Jared started preschool Dallin went to first grade. He came home and said that first grade was very boring because there were no toys. Man, it stinks to get older!

Hmmm, Jared is smiling, Dallin is smiling and Jenna is very sad that she can't go to school with the big boys. She's probably just thrilled to get to stay home alone with Mommy! No worries Jenna! I have big plans for us!


Paul and Amy Lacey said...

Your kids are so cute, as always, and your boys look like they are so ready for school! I wish Jenna and Anna could get together for support while their brothers are gone during the day. And I wish we could get together for some "girly" activities while the boys are at school too! Love you guys! (by Amy)

Gull's said...

Your kids are just beautiful. I am with you, I love my kids but it is so nice to have them all in school all day. Mom's time to relax...It is so nice to read about all that is going on with you...We will miss you at the mission reunion....