Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Excitement, Embarrassment and Pain!

Dallin finally reached the milestone that he has anticipated for many, many long months. HE LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH! He hates seeing blood so I thought he'd be freaked out, but the tooth practically fell out when he touched it. He was so excited and celebrated by doing a dance and going crazy. He had huge expectations in the Tooth Fairy department. He thought maybe she'd bring a whole dollar. (Man, I hate inflation!) I told him that his tooth was pretty tiny so maybe the Tooth Fairy would wait until a bigger tooth came out before she started handing out dollars!

Ouch! Jenna likes purple so she decided to add a little to her face. She was running through the living room and tripped over Brett's foot, which sent her flying into the rocking chair. I was cuddling her and Brett and I were saying, "Jenna, it's okay. Be tough!" She just kept crying though, which is very unlike her. Then I noticed the big bump and we decided maybe we should show a little more empathy. (Once again, we deserve the Parents of the Year award!

Dallin wanted to be like his sister so somehow he managed to flip our heavy oak dinner bench on his toe. This picture really doesn't portray the way it looked. It was so swollen and had a bump under the toenail. After being uncomfortable throughout the night we took him to the ER. He fractured a bone under the nail and has to wear a boot for 4-6 weeks. Joy! I hope it doesn't snow while he has to wear it!
Dallin loved hanging out on the couch being waited on hand and foot! I don't know what they're looking at in this picture because the t.v. is located on the other side of the room.
This is my favorite picture and Jared will be so mad at me some day for exploiting him! The night that Dallin broke his toe he wanted to sleep in our bed. Jared didn't want to sleep alone so we let him sleep in our bed too. A couple hours later I heard a sound downstairs. When I saw Jared sitting there with his pjs down around his ankles I thought, "I can't believe he wet my bed!" I was so mad! After examining our bed I realized that it wasn't wet at all. Then my eyes were drawn to a glistening puddle on the floor. It dawned on me that Jared thought the little table was the toilet. I started laughing so hard and ran up to get Brett. Of course I just had to get a picture! Brett strategically placed the alarm clock and I clicked away. The next morning when Jared woke up he asked why he had different pajamas on. He didn't remember any of it!


Tammy said...

Yours isn't the only child who sleep-pees. . .I won't mention any names, but one of my sons has been known to walk in his sleep and leave mysterious puddles a couple of times. Only once on the floor, though. The other couple of times, we've found him in the shower standing up.

The Duckworth Family said...

That's awesome! Good thing he doesn't remember....I used to do things like that when I was kid though. I always thought I was dreaming till I woke up and found myself naked and couldn't find my jammies anywhere!

Was missing you seeing picture of the playgroup party. wish I had that! Thanks for sharing the pictures and adventures. And can't say I miss halloween in Alaska, it was 55 degrees when we went trick or treating! yaya!!

Cheryl said...

Wow! What an interesting life you have, my friends!! Thanks for sharing! I hope that Dallin's toe and Jenna's head are getting better. Poor little things! I just had to chuckle while reading Jared's experience! You really need a good sense of humor to be a mother, don't you?!!

Taralou said...

Looks like you had a great Halloween -- cute costumes for cute kids!!

I've decided to make my blog private -- could you send me your email address so I can add you. Thanks. Taralou2u@aol.com