Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Happy Halloween! We hope your day was as fun as ours! Our kids did very well scoring candy for their parents, um I mean, uh... for themselves. They enjoyed "trunk-or-treating" at the church as well as knocking on a few doors. It was pretty chilly so we were home by 7:15, although it felt like 10:00!

Yesterday the kids began with pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. Why not start the day with chocolate chips and syrup?!

Mr. Crocodile, Jenna the unicorn (I know...hideous costume but it was warm and free. Besides that, the cute little girl makes up for it!) and last, but not least, Dash. This picture was taken last week at Dallin's school Halloween party. They had fun playing games and even went through the haunted hallway. Jenna is still talking about the "scary guy" that was there!

Our playgroup got together for our annual Halloween party. The kids had fun playing "Hot Hook," (It's like hot potato except played with a hook hand.) "Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Bat," and a balloon popping game. They also ate pizza and frosted cupcakes. Thanks Hayley! You are the best party thrower in town!

Boo! Can you say VERY SCARY UNICORN!!!! Maybe we could call her Dracucorn!

Okay, so last year I carved our pumpkin by myself because our kids were grossed out by the guts inside. As many of you know, when I was about 7 years old this girl in my class brought pumpkin seeds to school to share with her friends. Her dad had laced them with drugs, so those of us who ate them got pretty sick. To this day I can't stand to look at a pumpkin seed. (Maybe I should get therapy!!!) So until my kids get bigger and can decorate their own, I made an executive decision that we would decorate our pumpkins with markers this year. For those of you who think I'm a party pooper, I just have to let you know that I even let them use permanent markers. That's a big step for me! =)

The sugar high wore off quickly. Once Jenna was in her seat in the warm car she went to unicorn land. I was very bummed, however, when she got home and was wound up from her 5 minute nap.

I think Dash is done being Incredible! We drove for about one minute and Jared was out. It's a good thing he was clicked in. It would have been just tragic had he fallen out of his seat into the empty candy bags behind him!


Tammy said...

What cute kids! I can't believe how long Jenna's hair is. What a cutie! We laughed at Jared's picture in the car. I wish my kids had been wiped out like that. Sophie's still on a sugar high!

Kim said...


It was so good to see your family at Brent's wedding. It looks like you had a fun Halloween.

Fullmer Fam said...

I haven't looked at your blog in a while, it's been so fun catching up!! Maybe leaving this note will update your link to our blog.
I don't have your email here at work, I'll email about this weekend when I get home...As usual, Troy is putting a kink in the system!! Maybe we'll just have to have a girls, no boys or babies, night out!! ;)