Sunday, April 27, 2008

Go Away Winter!!!!

Our snow was almost gone....for the second time. Our weather lady said, "There will be one to two inches of snow on the upper hillside." Hmmm, I think she was a little off!!! (Can you just hear me screaming that, with heavy sarcasm!) Our one to two inches turned into 17 inches on Friday night! I was thrilled and spent most of the day Saturday down in my room so I wouldn't bite any heads off! (Brett just loves my weather moods!)

Jenna's little car is kind of trapped! A lot of it has melted today, so it gives me hope!

What a stud! I'm so glad Brett is around to calm our household when things like this happen! =) (This was Friday night and it snowed 6 more inches over night!)

Jared and Jenna had fun playing in the paths that Brett made with the snow blower. Dallin was inside with the stomach flu, missing out on all the fun.
The boys threw a lovely picnic together for us to enjoy. They invited their furry friends and had delicious food for us to enjoy. It was pretty cute, because they did the whole thing by themselves. Jenna was napping, which explains why everything stayed untouched and in order!

Happy Birthday Jenna!

Jenna had such a fun birthday last week! She received some clothes, a tricycle, a tutu, a little broom and dustpan, and a doll set complete with stroller, highchair, swing, baby carrier, diaper bag, bed and carseat. However, her baby doll, Mylee, was the biggest hit. (She named her doll after a friend of hers in the nursery at church.) Jenna loves feeding her, pushing her in the stroller and putting her to bed. She and Jared have had to compete for the fun dolly toys! (Jared is very into this whole baby thing! He hoards the dolls in his bedroom!)

Jenna's ladybug cake was a big hit and very yummy! It was probably the easiest cake I've ever made! Jenna wanted to feed her baby some cake too, but plastic bananas were a lot less messy! Jenna will make such a good mommy some day, don't you think?
Jenna's friend, GiGi, gave her these beautiful jewels! Dallin doesn't think it's very fair that girls get all of the fun toys!

I have no idea what fashion statement Jenna was trying to make, but it reminds me way too much of Michael Jackson! We had a little party with our playgroup friends. They had fun playing ladybug games and painting ladybugs. Jenna has pretty good dating odds some day, don't you think?! We do have girls that come to our playgroup but they weren't able to come.

Yum, yum! Lip smackin' good! Jenna was ready to devour these, but was very patient to let me get this picture.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


HELP! My house is being taken over by dinosaurs of all types, colors and sizes! Save me! (I know this is a lovely picture of Dallin, but I just had to show all of you what I experience on a daily basis.) Most of you know that Dallin is a big lover of dinosaurs. He has quite the collection and I think owns every kind that Anchorage sells! He has quite the imagination and can impersonate a T-Rex better than anyone I know! He just cracks me up!
Of course his "real" dinosaurs just aren't enough so we trace, color and cut out more each day! But wait, the real fun comes when those same pens, pencils, markers and crayons used to create additional dinosaurs become dinosaurs themselves! He lines them up on counter tops, floors, tables, bathtubs....anywhere! I wanted to get Jared some Tinkertoys for his birthday but as you can imagine, I'm very, very afraid!

Oh no, not Jared too! Move over groceries, make room for the dinosaurs!

Even Superman is not powerful enough to stop them! (FYI, I did not set this picture up. This is what I found when I walked into our computer room!)